June 28, 2012

Grant Castelluzzo in Spain.

Ever since I saw the Fit Barcelona dvd it has been a dream of mine to come

The experience has far surpassed anything I could have ever imagined.
Barcelona is incredible. Literally everything that you hear about this place
is true. The spots are unbelievable, the weather is amazing, and the
nightlife is insane. I have never been anywhere that has so many spots. In
fact there are so many spots that you ride by things you would kill to ride
at home simply because there is a better spot down the street. It actually
becomes overwhelming at a certain point. It is like the entire city was
constructed to be ridden.

I have been working on wrapping up an edit while I
am here for Profile, and it has been relatively easy to film because there
are so many things to ride. Make sure to check out the edit on the come up
when it premiers there. Thank you to Matt and everyone at Profile for the
amazing opportunity.

June 28, 2012


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