December 17, 2014

Grant Castelluzzo: Obscura Frame Promo

Hey guys,
Gaz at Mutiny, my frame sponsor, hit me up last year to ask if I wanted to do a signature frame. Obviously I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I had some ideas and we got the ball rolling. Since I was a little kid I was always interested in frame geometry and the aesthetics so it was a dream come true. The Obscura is the perfect frame for today’s technical street rider. I knew that having a frame is a big honor so I did my best to film clips that I would be proud of. I have been busy for the last 8 months or so traveling all over the place constantly filming and getting clips for this promo. I am incredibly proud of the result and it could not have happened without Matt and Profile for allowing me to travel as much as I do. The support means everything! Check out the video below and then check out the frame now available at your favorite retailer!

December 17, 2014


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