January 29, 2018

Headfirst in 2018 with Mark Mulville

It’s 2018 and the only thing that I made as somewhat of a New Years resolution was, keep doing what I’ve been doing…
Ride my Bike as much as possible, Surf, Work, continue my fascination with rocket launches/NASA and explore nature & Wildlife.
This first month of 2018 provided all of the above!
I was lucky enough to witness a beautiful night rocket launch, right from my local beach! That sight, day or night, never gets old.
We’ve also had non stop waves for weeks now, here in Cocoa Beach! My friend Frankie was able to capture a few shots of me on some waves. The water is chilly for Florida at the moment, but lucky for wetsuits, it doesn’t feel all that bad.
I had to make time for some fun little local wooded / swamp adventures! I spotted my usual alligators, which have always been a favorite of mine. I also hiked out to my Bald Eagle friends nest! I’ve witnessed this Eagle couple raise babies last year, and now they are raising more in their nest. The mom has been staying in the nest lately, while the male has been out hunting in the surrounding areas! It’s always an incredible sight to watch these beautiful creatures in action, or even just sitting in a nest in front of me!
The best part about this month, has been the amazing Bmx sessions! I was able to get some sessions in at the local park, as well as some Dig/Ride sessions in the GFT woods! The woods are always my favorite and the crew, big or small, is always good!
Speaking of the Grapefruit Trails:
I’ll be hosting Profile – Pizza Party in the woods on March 31st.
Mark M.
Surf shot by Frankie.
Lookback woods photo by Shawn Bilslend.
The rest by me.

January 29, 2018


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