August 7, 2020

Heritage: Greg Illingworth x Mongoose

“Mongoose pro Greg Illingworth had a unique journey in finding his BMX career. Before his career took off, Greg had to make a difficult choice to leave his beautiful home country of South Africa to make his dream happen. In this episode, we get to follow Greg around his current residence of Hastings, UK, and also get a glimpse of what it was like to grow up in South Africa. The Mongoose ‘Heritage’ series is an intimate look behind the scenes into what makes our riders tick, the story of how they got here, and insight into their lives off the bike. We caught up with Greg in his Hastings home as well as taking a trip to his home country, South Africa and got a real peak into what it’s like to be Greg. This is the fifth film in our new series, produced by Human Creative / @HMNcreative ”

August 7, 2020


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