September 9, 2016

Jake Seeley: Seek and you shall Find.

It’s amazing what you can stumble upon in the Berkshires. I was out walking my dog on some random paths in the woods when I came across the the town of Lenox MA, Reservoir. The area was covered in No Trespassing signs but that didn’t stop me from wanting to explore. It seemed like there was some concrete drainage in the distance so I went in for a closer look. Sure enough when I got close up to the edge there was a perfect transitioned wall. Honestly, it looked to good to be true. Unfortunately my bike was back at my house, so me and my dog Bentley excitedly ran back up the trail, hoped in my car and drove straight to my house to grab my bike. I wanted to share the spot with a couple of my close friends so I drove down to the skate park to let them all know what I had found. They we’re in awe.
We all crammed into the car and headed right back up to the spot. The guys couldn’t believe there eyes. We hopped down into the damn and had the heaviest session. It’s amazing the spots you can find with just a little bit of adventuring!

Lenox Reservoir

Pocket Ruben Wallride by Tyler Dadak

Josh Rosier – Bar air by Jake Seeley

September 9, 2016


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