July 16, 2014

Jared Eberwein: A start to July.

“I drove done to SD to shoot for the day with Justin Kosman. It was a productive day, got a lot of photos, different spots, and random clips. The last spot we went to, is called the Gordy Banks. He told me about it, but I still couldn’t put a image to the spot. Once we got there, everything thing clicked. It’s a really well known spot in SD, it’s a great time. It’s really close to the water on a bike path, and there’s a fence that block off the path. It makes for a real tight landing have to turn away fast. I thought that was one thing that stood out to me as a downer about that spot. As I rode it, clearer wasn’t as bad as I thought. You just adapt to it, and enjoy. Right before we were about to shot some photos, I was riding around, feeling it out. I landed from jumping one of the hips, and was slowing down. I have brakes, so I don’t know what I ended up doing this. A lot of brakeless riders will kick their back end out, causing friction to slow down. I was doing that, and ended up kicking my back end out too far, and I got sent to the ground immediately. I got up right away, pretty embarrassed as some random person had just passed me. Think I hurt my hip and hand, started riding right away. Then I looked at my hand, I shaved off some skin on my right pinky where the bottom crease meets my hand. The ground was rough so I understood how easily that happened. Bummed about it, but pretended it didn’t happen for 30 minutes and ending getting some awesome photos that we were both psyched on” -Jared

July 16, 2014


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