February 19, 2013

Jared Eberwein. A/C-D/C

“I fell on January 23rd 2013, I over rotated a 360 throwing me straight to the ground on my right shoulder. Immediately getting up, I felt my shoulder and felt that bump. Right away knowing it was most likely an A/C separation, only because I had done it before to my other shoulder a few years ago. Go to the hospital and sure enough checks out as an A/C separation. This time for me its a 3rd degree, where as before I only had a one degree, the higher the number the worse it is, think it goes up to 6. I go see my specialist a day later to discuss what to do, we crossed off surgery fairly easy because it’s more so for the appearance of the injury versus function, in some cases. I was just put in a sling and told to wait.

A trainer for UCI that I know heard about my shoulder from my fiance who is an athlete for UCI’s water polo team. He told her to have me come see him ASAP, so I got down to him right after seeing my doctor. By now its been about 38 hours since my fall, he took this tape that a lot of athletes use to help assist an injury and began to wrap my shoulder. Layering strip after strip while pushing down on the bump with force, trying to get it close to its normal setting. If your familiar with this injury you’ll know that you end up with a bump sticking out of the top of you shoulder, that’s the clavicle bone out of position. The tape is basically a tie down for the bone to heal closer to is normal setting, because it’ll never go to its normal looking self without surgery. If all you have to do is endure a little bit of pain by taping it down for a few weeks so it’s that much closer to it’s natural setting, not too bad.

Started therapy 3 weeks and 1 day(Valentine’s Day <3) since I fell, felt great to move my arm/shoulder around. Nothing too much really hurt me, where as it was more of a weak/struggle situation for me, I think. I'm signed up for a few more sessions of therapy, and that should just about do it. Note: If anyone has this injury down the road, I definitely recommend finding some way to get it taped down ASAP. Learn about it, get the tape, and have someone do it for you. Such an easy and helpful solution, you'll be glad you did." -Jared

(Riding photo was shot by Mr. Michael Saavedra)

February 19, 2013


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