February 18, 2016

Jared Eberwein. Aloha Again.

“I believe I have WAY too much that I could say about my trip to Hawaii, so I’d like to pin point some main/highlighted parts of the trip.

-My first time to Hawaii, and I learned that I don’t think I could live on an island. Felt like a sense of claustrophobia could easily come over me, haha.

-Friend, teammate, fellow rider Ricky Moseley was along for the trip. Since he was in Hawaii a year prior for the same reason, that made everything pretty much run smooth.

-Some of my family, including my baby boy were able to join the trip as a personal vacation for themselves. As Ricky and I still did our BMX thing, but able to break away some day to be tourist.

-I learned A LOT more about my camera from Ricky during the trip, since he has the same camera, and has plenty more experience. (Thank you!!)

-The spots, parks, the locals, the welcomeness by everyone was awesome. I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything went.

-I hurt my knee before the trip, and got a shot to help speed the healing up. Which I learned on this Hawaii trip, that something was actually wrong with my knee. Once I got back, I learned I needed to get ANOTHER surgery. That would definitely be the worst part of my trip, painful but grateful and took advantaged of my opportunity.

-Our First day out riding, Ricky and I shot the most epic barspin doubles that’s I’ve ever been apart of. The wheels revolved around each other.

-Took so many photos between Ricky and myself, filmed a good amount as well. Plenty of content that we’ll both, and our sponsors will slowly be releasing over time. Also I edited a edit of the clips Ricky and I filmed of each other, also another edit from our Jam that we put on at a local skatepark. I edited both of them on my own, with advice from Matt Coplon, and I’m very very super excited I was able to make something acceptable, haha.

-The Profile Racing X Bikefactory Hawaii Jam was a great time, and I would say successful. Great times riding with all of the locals, shooting photos, and filming. Thanks to everyone that came out!

February 18, 2016


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