April 5, 2016

Jared Eberwein and the Free Agent Cyclery USA Jam.

“Wayne D, the FreeAgent VP lined up plans to have a shop jam at a bike shop in my local city, Riverside. It happened to be at the bike shop that my good friends Danny and Mark work at, who I’ve known for years and use to help me out when I was young. Once Wayne corresponded with me a bit, and let me know what, when, where, how he wanted. I was on track to get it set up and handled. I had to get everything rolling and organized for the Jam, making sure everyone was on the same page as far as time and date. Trying to add a bit extra to the jam that wasn’t ask for, just trying to do a good job. I’ve never done anything like this, which is feel the pressure of hoping everything worked out and went as planned. Most importantly hoping for a great turn out, I gotta say I was pretty stoked with the whole day! Riding, fellow riders showing up, kids to get stoked on BMX, having fun with everyone who was out with us. Just non stop good times, which seem to have flown by because I felt like my mind was all over the place, but at the same time enjoying the hell out of it. I had such an awesome time, and so stoked the whole team could be together and make some good memories together during our first jam. Free agent was so rad to do SO much product give aways, and plenty of kids enjoyed the benefits of it!! Until next time….”


April 5, 2016


We are taking precautions to protect our employees and follow CDC and state guidelines. In the meantime, our machine shop is still running, we're here to assist you and we'll be shipping product to help support bike shops during this difficult time.