March 1, 2013

Jared Eberwein and the new Muse video

“Back in the middle of January I booked this gig through the agency that I’m signed up with. I was told it was a music video for the band Muse, I thought to myself, oh cool I have a couple of their songs, I like them. I had to drive two hours to a beach, luckily only had to do one day of shooting. I get there and I saw a few people walking around with face paint on their faces and knew I was at the right spot. I try to figure out what I’m suppose to be doing, get pulled into wardrobe right away. Right after that, the one thing I didn’t expect or want. They start to put this death metal make up all over my face, definitely wasn’t happy about that.

I just didn’t want a bunch of crap on my face, oh well though right? Gotta get it done.

Sat around for ONLY five hours doing nothing before I actually had anything to do. Whole time trying to figure out why my face was painted like a death metal band member, knowing that it totally doesn’t fit Muse’s image. I still don’t really get it till this day.

Finally the last hour of daylight, they ask me to do something. They lined up this shoot for me to ride around in this dirt/gravel lot and just do whatever I can on flat ground. Found some obstacles top hop on, over, and around. Also just doing hop tricks and skidding around, just kicking up dirt. Then that was a wrap… So I thought. One last scene, we had to all gather around a gas lit bonfire on the freezing cold beach, in silence and (Headbang)………..Rock On”

March 1, 2013


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