November 19, 2014

Jared Eberwein and the Sacramento Kings.

“I’m not positive but I know I’ve been apart of the halftime show for the Sacramento Kings for the past 3 year or more, I think more, but not sure. Every time we come to do the show, everyone around give such good feedback and let us know how much they enjoy the show. The whole crew behind the scenes is a great bunch to be around, and it’s always nice to see them again a year later. The Mascot has been apart of the Kings of 12 year now, every time we see him, and I jump over him. He’s a really cool dude, and very talented, and involved in tons of things. I did the show with Dustin McCarty, Austin Coleman, and Pete Brandt for Woody Itson’s BMX Pros Trick Team.”


November 19, 2014


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