May 11, 2015

Jared Eberwein. AZ. FA. And beyond.

I’ve taken over the duties of TM for the FreeAgent program this year, I was really hesitant about it, just kind of scared me because of the new responsibilities. I’m learning its not so bad one I just set my mind to it, and just do it. Shortly after I took the TM job over, I was trying to make plans for the year. One of which was to do some kind of road trip with the team, I planned a small 5 day trip in AZ, just because I have family and friends that live out there, and they definitely helped make the trip affordable. Fortunate enough to have Chris Arriaga not only join the trip to shot for BMXPlus! but have the pleasure of watching him shred and kill every stop we rode with his unique style. It was most of the main team on board, Chris Rivers, Dan Quinn, and myself. Andrew Lazaruk was set to join in on the fun, but due to his visa not being processed in time, he wasn’t able to make the trip. Made a bit of changes to a rental situation because we had one less person, we were able to down size a bit. Starting the trip by riding some stuff on our way out of California, stopped at a awesome pool that was a mission to get to, but well worth it. The ride down the hill that we hiked to get to the pool was so rocky and intense, most of us couldn’t open our hands by the time we reached the bottom. Hitting a couple of the Palm Springs skateparks on our way to AZ, getting us to my grandparents place late that night. The next couple of days were base around riding central AZ, riding an amazing new dirt park, called the Desert Trails Park. Massive curved white walls at Dick Van Dyke’s old house, that were used for filming for shows, which took place at his house often. The walls still stand tall and strong, crazy spot. Staying with the Tellez family which I met year ago, riding there empty pool, and old weathered ramp that I rode when I was probably 16. Then the plan was to move on the Lake Havasu City, to ride the new huge skatepark thats right next to the water. Really cool park and scenery, the park has pretty much anything you could be in the mood for with riding. Unfortunately our 5 day trip seem to be based around the 5 hottest days that AZ has had in a while, then shortly cooled off once our trip was done. All in all we all made the most of the trip and rode through the heat, drank tons of water, and had plenty of good times. Excited with how the trip turned out, and can’t wait for the next one, wherever that might be”

May 11, 2015


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