December 21, 2015

Jared Eberwein: CTi Protection on both Knees

“A year and half ago I fell and hurt my knee, resulting in a torn ACL and meniscus. Since my recovery, I’ve been wearing a knee brace. In most peoples situation, the goal is to always make a full and strong recovery so that the need to wear a knee brace becomes no longer a need. I’ve worn my for longer then most tend to do, but my knee has never felt like its ever going to go back to normal. I know I’ve been told it’ll never be the same, just have to find the new normal. My knee has just been limited sometimes when it would come down to me bending, so that makes me uncomfortable and want to wear a knee brace. I’ve worn a Asterisk knee brace ever since I started riding again since the injury. As you ride in certain items or ride certain parts, you always find thing you like and/or dislike. I’ve ran into that problem a few times with my asterisk knee brace, it is a little bulky, and its mainly for dirt bike riders. Which they don’t have to be as slim as we do on a BMX bike, wrapping, and twisting, etc, I recently got in touch with Brett, who is in charge of the athlete program for CTi knee braces. I am so very grateful, and can’t thank Brett enough for what he has done or me. Within the past few months I had a little scare with putting my good let down, and it got me thinking. If I could find a brace that is so slim to wear it feels like your just wearing pads? I would wear them on both knees, even tho my right knee is the leg that had the past injury. Brett completely added me to the CTi team program, setting me up with two completely custom to my legs only. I’ve been riding in both braces every time I ride, it’s a bit weird and hard to get use to it, but as the brace starts to break in. It’ll be so tight and the straps will be a little softer and not be so tight as the brace gets worn it. I’m very excited that Brett offered to take care of me and get me all squared away, very grateful and always will be.”


December 21, 2015


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