January 19, 2016

Jared Eberwein: First show of the year.

“I had a more then usually show to kick off the first show for myself of 2016, it was in sin city, Las Vegas, NV. The show was a corporate show for Optum, which I believe is a company that sells health care plans. Anyway, corporate shows don’t seem to happen too often anymore, but there usually not a simple setup, and/or riding conditions. This one however wasn’t too bad overall, it was inside on carpet, with a quarter box quarter setup. A continuous revolving cycle if you’d like, just like a spine mini ramp. 4 bike riders, 1 rollerblader, 1 skateboarder, and 1 guy on a pogo stick. I’ve heard about guys that do extreme pogoing, but never seen it in person. It’s nuts looking, and the pogo is far from your average pogo stick. They can set the PSI air pressure to pretty much any PSI they’d like. I tried it out, and my first go, I couldn’t even get the pogo stick to pump down. It was WAY more stiff then I had imagined. It was cool to try it out and see what can actually be done on those things. We did a 15 min jam, where we held back some of the bigger trick, like the crowd pleaser backflip. For a 5 min banger show 50 min later from when our jam was, kind of like a teaser in a sense before the good stuff. I almost forgot to add the Wheelz from nitro circus was there ring with us, in case you don’t know Wheelz. He’s from the nitro circus show, and he’s in a wheelchair. I can’t believe he would drop in the 10ft quarter pipe that we were all riding, it pretty much vert for a little bit at the top depending on how the quarter is set up. The show was fun, the crowd loved it, and we walked away knowing that everyone was satisfied. Then pursued to enjoy our free night in the sin of Las Vegas.”


January 19, 2016


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