October 5, 2015

Jared Eberwein: Five-Ten Shoes.

” I did a show back in April of this year in Redlands for a big Cycling event they do every year. I met a couple of people while I was doing the show that worked at five ten and they were awesome and excited about why was going on. They said since there located right in the town of Redlands that I should come by for a visit. We exchanged numbers and went on our ways. I unfortunately just got super busy and my sons birth followed two months after which seemed way shorter. I would say about three months after that show in Redlands I finally dialed their numbers and caught up a bit. They turned me over to the person who handle all the bike sponsorships, his name is Tyler. He’s an awesome dude, and very welcoming. We got to chatting and before you knew it, I got to go have a tour of the warehouse, go to breakfast and walk out with more shoes then I could carry. Five Ten is known for the extremely grippy shoes, there huge in the MTB industry. I had gotten some of the grippy traditional shoes and then some of the “dirt” shoes which has a sole they call micro dots, a lot more circles and a lot smaller. Just recently I’ve grown to learn that the micro dot sole shoes are my shoe of choice. I rode in the regular sole shoes for two months before I tried the micro dot sole. I thought just because they were a new shoe, that I would have to get use to it. Kind of struggled with certain tricks and got scared a bit. Come to find out, if you want to do trick, micro dots are the way to go, if you wanna stay glued to your pedal hauling down a hill, traditional sole is that route. Five Ten is really into bikes of all aspects, it’s awesome to see that in a company. Another twist is there a really big company in the rock climbing world, so there warehouse has a rock climbing sculpture that looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never done so, so maybe next time I’m there I’ll give it a shot. ”


October 5, 2015


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