May 22, 2013

Jared Eberwein: From Scooter to Harley.

I bought a scooter a little over a year ago when I saw that my friend had one and was able to transport his bike around with him. Right away I was hooked and wanted one so bad, because I’m real tight about saving money. I thought, what a cool way to help save money and have fun with it. I searched non-stop until I found a deal I could’t pass up. Once I bought the scooter, it was time to get my license/permit, then shortly after, the driving test (real easy with a scooter by the way).

Once that was all out of the way, it was time for a bike rack. My good friend Heath Pinter is amazing when is comes to ideas and fabricating things from scratch. I had ideas, but he just came off with one right away that blew all of mine away. A simple seat post sticking out of the back end of the scooter, meaning all you have to do is remove your bike seat and place it onto the seat post mount and tighten, and your off. The bike was able to sit parallel with me, allowing me to still go in between cars.

It was great, but I put a little too much money into the scooter making it perform better. Had the scooter for almost a year then went on the freeway to test it out. I’m not really suppose to do that, but I would top out at 63 MPH so I figured I could hang. I was proven wrong very quickly, but I did it again and started looking for something else.

I wanted to upgrade to a motorcycle, didn’t know what style or size, nothing. Just knew that I wanted to be able to go on the freeway. After looking around and talking with friends, I was looking into a cruiser type. Then I stumbbled upon Harley-Davidson’s Sportster and that was it, I was hooked again. Just like before, started the hunt non-stop, then finally found a deal.

I was able to sell the scooter which paid for more then half of the Sportster. That definitely made me feel a little better about getting it. Once I got it, I already knew the were a few changes I’d like to do to it, because I wouldn’t be able to get exactly what I wanted for the deal that I got. Just a little bit of cosmetic work, then it’ll turn out great.

After having it for about a month, finally got plans lined up for me to get stuff painted. The things I had done, was getting the rims, pulley, air filter cover, forks, and mirrors painted gloss black. Also put lowering shocks on in the rear too. Made a big difference.

Now, possibly a few other changes down the road but nothing big. Next thing on the agenda is to see my friend and figure out a bike rack design 😉


May 22, 2013


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