May 1, 2014

Jared Eberwein: Healing

“Its been a little over 2 weeks now since my surgery, I had a check up with my doctor this past Thursday. Which marks two weeks for me, the next day after surgery, I was given this leg machine I think titled CPM machine. I basically bend your leg/knee for you, the instruct you to start that ASAP so you can begin movement right away. It’s weird to watch your knee bend right in front of you, but the minute you try to duplicate that same motion on your own, it just won’t work. Frustrating, indeed. So I have been doing that everyday, twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Got nothing else to do beside heal, do whatever you can. My two week check up came, and my doctor said it looks good. He pulled the staples out, and unlocked the brace so that I can have full range of motion. I still can’t put any weight on my leg for two more weeks, and he wants me to wear the brace for another month. Still hearing the restriction that I didn’t want to hear, I’m still excited because I get to start to move my leg a lot more and learn how to get my movement back again. Oh’ also I start physical therapy monday, and I get to go three time a week, really excited about that. It’ll give me something to do, be active, and make progression towards my recovery so much better. That’s all for now, hope to bring some more good news soon.”- Jared

May 1, 2014


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