December 7, 2015

Jared Eberwein: Hoodrich Recounted.

Sunday in November there was a contest held at some local trails that I’ve never been to before. They got a lot of attention from riders who’ve never been there before and tons of positive thing were said about them. The jumps are so fun, so many lines and transfers, not too intimidating, hard, or scary either. The hardest part was the roll in, climbing up it was scary, and definitely not a walk in the park. Lots of local pros/friends showed up and it made for a good all day session. AM contest, then the pro contest, and lastly followed up with an insane best trick contest. Larry Edgar doing a blind lip to lip transfer with a double tailwhip and Dylan Stark flipping over a fence out of the yard, completely off track into a pile of sand and stuck it. It was so crazy, I ended up finishing in 4th place behind profile teammate Ricky Moseley by nearly nothing, .1 of a point. Ricky had 53.3 and I had a 53.2 hahaha. Really stoked on the whole event and the friends who showed up to have a good time. This was stop number 3 and the final one of the shred series contest that Eric Hough was hosting, thanks to Eric for organizing a fun event. Thanks to everyone at the Hoodrich trails for creating, maintaining, and inviting everyone out to share the joys of the yard. Definitely will be making more trip out that way. The days he usually session and dog ate Sunday’s, so if your ever in Perris, CA on a Sunday. Make sure you don’t miss getting in a session at the Hoodrich trails!”

December 7, 2015


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