August 5, 2014

Jared Eberwein in August

It’s been just under 16 weeks, 4 months since I went to a skatepark on my bike. I’ve been doing good with physical therapy, doing some really physical and active things. I know I can ride a bike. Not 100% like normal or even close to it for that matter, but I knew I can cruise around and feel it out. That’s just was I did a couple days ago, I have the knee braces now. I had my wife come with me to capture coverage of my first ride back since surgery. Felt like a little kid on my way to the park, super excited and couldn’t wait to get on that bike. My knee is definitely weak, I was able to ride and pump around the bowl. Couldn’t last long at all, I was able to do a couple of tricks too. Only because I know I can make the trick land smooth or it wasn’t too rough of a move. Footjam was the scariest of the few trick that I did, it was just a lot of commitment with my bad leg. Only did a couple and it worked out. It was awesome to see where I currently stand when it come back to riding. I’m excited, closer and closer I get.

August 5, 2014


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