December 9, 2014

Jared Eberwein in Hollywood.

“After the halftime show I did for the Sacramento Kings in the middle of the month, I went on to being apart of this movie shoot with Ricky Moseley and two other BMX riders. It’s a movie with ten short films all in one, not sure if there all horror/scary shorts, but the one we were apart of was a bit of a horror film. It was called Weak and the Wicked, Ricky and the others had to double as other actors, but doing the stunts, so they had to go through make up and all that jazz. I would say I had the easiest task, I was labels as the follow bike. The plan was to strap cameras to my bike and I would follow the others as they do what they rehearsed to do. I did nothing the entire time for 11 hours, the whole time I was there. About the last 5 minutes of filming, the finally strapped a camera to my bike, and I did one pass, and called it a wrap. It was an extremely long night though, 6:45PM to 6:00AM. The drive home was though, so tired, the sun just coming out. It was nothing short of eventful to say the least though, good experiences.”


December 9, 2014


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