February 17, 2014

Jared Eberwein in San Diego

“About a month ago, Blaine Mazzetti had a trail jam at his spot in North San Diego. It was my second time ever at his place, his jumps are definitely unique and take some getting used to. Once all that is out of the way then you can relax and start playing with tricks if you’d like, or have just as much of a good time flowing through them. My first time at his spot was a bad experience, Heath Pinter and I showed up late afternoon, around 3PM. Weather was good and we figured it would be a good time that most of the guys riding would just beginning to ride. We were wrong, Blaine’s spot has a terrible head on angle with the sun pretty much the whole late evening, at least during the winter season. Pretty much the trip to his trails was totally shot by the sun. Knowing that, his jam was a couple weeks out from when we first rode, now we knew better, so we showed up at noon to get in a good sesh with everyone that came out. Which was a lot of not so local Californian faces, so that was a good time. Now that I got to see this video, it looked like the fun continued onto another spot. I was with Heath and five other dudes, we took off after a couple hours and went back to Heath’s place to get in a sunset session. Would have been cool to stick around and ride another set of trails I’ve never ridden before, but there’s always next time.” Jared

February 17, 2014


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