August 21, 2013

Jared Eberwein: Media Mayhem

“I just had two videos that a filmed a little bit ago come out back to back. One video, I filmed with Fat Tony for allisports. It’s a how to 360 tailwhip, I questioned myself about filming/explaining the trick. Only because growing up, I always would remember my friends giving me a hard time about explaining trick. It wasn’t like I didn’t know how, just wasn’t very detailed and descriptive. After watching myself explain this trick in this video, me personally, I think I’ve came a long way. Hahaha. Hope it helps.”

“As for the second video, I’ve been wanting to film one of this for a while because they just look like a good time. Heath Pinter and I had made plans to film a “Calling the Shots” at the demolition warehouse. It was my first time riding there, and it’s a really good time. I love riding with Heath, never a dull moment, always something to laugh at. Whether I’m being made fun of, Heath himself, anyone around, or just anything at all, there is generally some laughter. Watching this let me relive the fun we had filming this all over again, glad I was able
to be apart of it. Enjoy.”


August 21, 2013


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