July 24, 2013

Jared Eberwein: Mid July News Update

“Having two issues putting me off my bike for a little bit, back to back. First, it was my nose, which I fell and broke. Now, I just had surgery a couple days ago on my lower abdomen for a hernia that I discovered I had while being injured with my nose accident. It’s hard to say how I got a hernia, but I do work at UPS, where I lift constantly. Or, possibly from riding, can’t really figure out which could have caused it. A hernia is your intestine coming through your muscle wall, caused from all sorts of straining. Luckily, my doctor said mine was in mild state, so they cut open, go in, and patch the area like a bike tube. About 4 weeks healing time, and should be good to go. Fortunately, I had a few weeks of riding time inbetween procedures. Justin Kosman got together with Heath Pinter and me to film a “calling the shots” episode at the Volume/Demolition warehouse. Keeping an eye out for that, excited to see how it turns out.”


July 24, 2013


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