July 7, 2015

Jared Eberwein: New Rig Rising.

“Ever since the year started, this bike has been in the making. I picked up this bike from FreeAgent at the beginning of the year. It’s an older model and the new bike we plan to be in at any moment but no one knew an exact date. I was trying to hold off and wait for the new bike to show up, but my previous bike didn’t let me. The frame had finally reached its end after a good year of use, so I went and picked up a new bike, which was an older model. Took it to the powder coater and picked out this awesome Misty Blue color. A couple days after I dropped the parts off to get painted, I received a phone call saying the new bikes had arrived, haha. I was like go figure. I ended up riding the new bike with the stock color for the most part of this year. Then I came up with the plan to finish building this misty blue bike once my original Cotton Candy color way hubs came out again this year. The time finally has come, and I just finished building the wheels and the rest of this beauty, and I can’t wait to ride!!!”


July 7, 2015


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