October 24, 2017

Jared Eberwein, Night Walker?


“Middle of September I started rehearsals for a halloween themed show for the theme park of San Jose, CA called Great America. All Wheel Sports is the organizer of this show and they have been doing this Haunt edition show for the past four years now. This year is the first time they’ve decided and had the opportunity to add ramps, so they brought in two BMX riders, and two inline rollerbladers. I’ve done shows with AWS (All Wheel Sports) since 2012, and has been like family ever since. I absolutely love doing shows with AWS anytime I can make it possible. This Nytewalker show is a weekend deal for 6 weekend, leading all the way up to the weekend before Halloween, so I’ll be home for sure with the fam and be able to go trick or treating :). The ramp setup for the show is a new one for me with the AWS shows, haven’t had one like it before and its so fun. I’d have to say the spine section is my favorite part of the setup. I’ve never pulled back so hard on a spine before, kind of scares me to think of that. I’m usually all for the big long lofty jump versus pulling straight up, flat bottoming runs through the head often haha. I’ve never actually flipped a legit spine in my life neither, so accomplishing that goal was awesome but scary for sure. I’m just not starting to understand it for the most part, pulling back an uncomfortable amount while flipping is hard to overcome, but thats what it takes I’m learning. Learning, creating, and figuring out the show is the easy part for must of us. With this show, the hard part for me is learning the face paint, and acting like a zombie, acting is def not any strong point of mine. There is a storyline to our show, and I play one of the zombies after the two humans, theres a lot more to it, but that’ll take a while to explain. You pretty much get the gist of it, Halloween Haunt show for AWS called Nytewalkers at Great America all October long with some amazing friends!”

-Jared Eberwein

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October 24, 2017


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