June 20, 2017

Jared Eberwein: On Cement.



“I can definitely say I don’t take it for granted and that I’m very grateful for the amenities and abundance of stuff to ride all close to home for me. Skateparks are absolutely everywhere, and of course I will have favorites, some I care for more than others. Some I won’t set foot in, and still some out there that hopefully someday can ride without any trouble. Although I may choose to ride dirt over most things, unless were talking about my home park Jurrupa.That place will pretty much always get my vote. Doing shows is cool when it comes to having to travel some miles. If we have time, I’ll look up some local skateparks in the area we’ll be in or just passing through. I couldn’t begin to count how many parks i’ve been to in SoCal, but I can say that I love it and the pleasure of being on my bike.”





June 20, 2017


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