March 6, 2014

Jared Eberwein: Outlaws of Dirt

“There’s a dirt series this year called Outlaws of Dirt. I saw the contest series last year but didn’t know too much about it. Freeagent is sponsoring the dirt series this year along with plus size BMX. Therefore I was notified from freeagent and was asked if I’d like to go, of course! Because I knew the first stop was a indoor dirt mecca, who doesn’t want to ride some dirt that doesn’t get phased by weather.

The contest was both BMX and MTB, the MTB scene in Burlington/Seattle WA area is thriving. There was a good mix of both riding the whole time. Arrived Friday for an evening session, as well as meet everyone and get aquatinted with everything. Joe, who owns Burlington Bike Park had opened in early December, so the place is pretty new and already had a big scene of locals. Wrapped up the session Friday night and went to Olive Garden with a big crew of guys, then hit the hay for the night, it was a long day for me. Woke up Saturday morning to enjoy an awesome continental breakfast with everyone who came out for the contest, which we all were at the same hotel. Contest didn’t start till 4PM so a lot of us were hanging out at the hotel watching some of the simple session contest. Went down to the park about 1PM to watch all the other classes compete, these little kids riding little MTB were crazy good, and there setup looked awesome. Started warming up for the contest, and everything was underway. It was an introductory run then a jam formate, which makes for a good time. We all rode for 30 min and that was that. Then the pro MTB class was last, some of the guys that ride BMX rode MTB as well like, Josh Hult, and Jonsey. I’d be nervous going from one to the other back to back. Josh killed it, placing 2nd in BMX and 1st in MTB. Only top 3 were announced and I wasn’t any so I don’t know what exactly I got, I do know I won a lot of great times, memories, and riding.

Sunday was our last day to just hangout and ride with the kids, it was a fun chill session. I was relaxing on a couch and Jonsey walked up to me and said I’m not letting you leave without riding a MTB. I was really intimated to try it, but I finally took a couple runs and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It was so smooth, like riding on a cloud. I was starting to get some courage because I was trying 360 fly outs and bar spins fly outs. Jonsey rolled up and asked, “you wanna flip it?” Right away I was like no way!!! I haven’t even flip on my normal bike this trip. I was following Jonsey on a run, and sure enough since he said that to me. I just had this uncontrollable courage come over me and just sent it, I only got halfway through it and had to hit the eject button. Jonsey had told me that it was easy and almost the same, I definitely found out the hard way that it take more to get it around. I totally got stuck upside own, luckily I got out of it perfect. Think that was my third flip I’ve ever bailed out of. Needless to say, I had an awesome weekend despite it freezing and nowing =)

Check out the photos and video.”

Outlaws of Dirt – BMX Stop #1 from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

March 6, 2014


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