March 27, 2015

Jared Eberwein: “Remove the Dummy.”

“I took of Friday evening to head toward Prescott, AZ for a show on Saturday night. It was Dustin McCarty, Erick Soto, and myself. We drove through Palm Springs on our way there, made a little detour to Desert Hot Springs bike park. The session was cut short due to only one light working in the entire park. Still had a good 45 min there, filmed some back to back 450 tailwhips with Dustin. Made it to our destination at 2AM. Had to go to the show location and go over plans and setup. The place we did the show was inside a hockey arena, obviously it was the off season for them. It was all cleared out, just slippery cement, which I took advantage of and did some drifting, at least tried haha. We were apart of a show/role play, there was a monster truck, jumping cars and blowing out eardrums. It was so loud that it was scary. Then the truck runs over a car with a dummy in it, fire truck come out and demonstrates the jaws of life. Remove the dummy, we rush out and do a 15 min show, then get chased out by a police car and that’s the last I knew of the whole show. It was a fun event, but the highlight of my time up there was the Prescott Valley local skatepark. We spent about 4 hours there because we had a huge gap between setup and show time. There is so much transition in the park, some areas weird, but cool to figure lines out and make things work. A lot of locals, fun and entertaining to ride with, will definitely love to go back.”


March 27, 2015


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