June 19, 2013

Jared Eberwein: Rough week

“I definitely didn’t see this bad of an upset coming from a manual to tailwhip. I was just trying a manual to tailwhip in to about a 5ft bank. Pretty sure that awkward hop out of the manual happen, somewhat of a buck forward. After that, the tailwhip stopped half way around. Feeling very front heavy from the hop, bike stopped backwards. I held onto the bars thinking I don’t want to put my hands down because of possibly hurting my wrist. I’ve kind of dealt with situations like a tailwhip stopping before, so I was thinking hang on, maybe once the front tire touches I might find some sort of balance. NOPE, I’m assuming I was stretched out a bit, almost like a superman position. Tire touches down, bars follow right to the ground as my face dives right into the cross bar. Broke my nose and split it open, as well as my forehead. I can’t recall ever seeing blood poor like I saw happen from my lacerations. In pain, mostly shock from how much blood I saw puddling, I froze on my hands and knees. Luckily for me, my buddies Jeremy and Jourdan were at the skatepark as well and took care of me. Conveniently there is a hospital right across the street, covering the bleeding, we just walked across the street to the ER. My mom and Fiance showed up shortly after to wait with me as I took a CT test and got stitched up. Results, 5 stitches on my forehead and 7 on my nose, also broken. Saw a ENT (ears, nose and throat doctor) a week later, and he tells me that the left side of my nose is collapsed and my nose is shifted to the right. Schedules me for surgery in a week, and thats where I’m at.”

June 19, 2013


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