January 6, 2014

Jared Eberwein: SD Corporate Show

“About two days from the last day of a pretty big show that was put together in a week for All Wheel Sport in Park City, UT. We were thrown right into another show for AWS, with about less then half of the cast that we had for Utah, and a quarter of the time, at the San Diego pier. We were planned to do three 15 minute shows, for a corporate party that was being put on by a company I believe was called Humera, I think some kind of asthma company. It was a party to wrap up a week for all of the employees who flew from all over the world to be apart of a week long of actives that the company had planned. We had a day to rehears and plan things out, we already had one number planned out because we took it from our Utah show, just had to come up with about 5 others. Once we finished that, it was time for the show the next day. Jill, who is the owner of AWS and plans the shows out, was working with the DJ to get the music for our show ready to play. Turns out that the DJ was not very good to work with, he was very into himself and wanted to do everything his way. Finally reached an agreement, our shows weren’t set to start till 8:30PM and the last one wasn’t until 10:15PM. First show started, about 30 seconds into it, the DJ stopped the music and started it from the beginning. Which a couple guys were already rolled to the setup and pumping the crowd up, so music stopped and it looked pretty embarrassing. I was glad I hadn’t rolled into the scene yet, off to a rough start, the first show went through smooth. The crowd seemed to have no familiarity with extreme sports, so we didn’t think it would get too many people excited, but it turned out to be a good turn out. By the time we reached our last show, we were waiting for our music to begin, but nothing was happening. After about 5 minutes of waiting, Jill ran up to us and said that the people who brought us here didn’t want to upset the people because everyone was dancing. Also they’ve had access the whole time to open bars haha. They asked that we just roll around the floor and talk/visit with the people. We ended up picking our bikes up, and danced our way through the dance floor with everyone. They were all pretty drunk and they loved it, it was hilarious! We joined the party after that, more good times, more memories.”


January 6, 2014


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