October 21, 2015

Jared Eberwein: SoCal Party Host.

“I love having the capability of being able to accommodate friends when ever there out my way for a day or two, or in this planned trip, a week. Matt and Mark worked with me a couple months or more prior to this trip happening to get everything planned and mapped out. Visiting shops throughout the very much supplied area of SoCal, bikes shops were planned with a huge bundle of spots, parks, and trails to ride. It’s crazy of how many spots are around me, it almost make it hard to travel anywhere very far in my area when there are so many amazing places to ride nearby. When people from out of town visit, its a good change of pace to go ride different places that aren’t very far, very refreshing. I do BMX shows often in my time, I was fortunate enough to make a couple shows happen while still being apart of the Profile SoCal trip a great deal, and housing the guys. Despite riding places that aren’t far from me, that I might ride sometimes, I did get to ride some amazing place I never thought I would or even knew about. Got to witness some unforgettable places and things, eat some good food, which is always on Matt’s agenda. As long as he remembers to eat haha. Making plenty of great memories, and making our friendships that much better and strong. Miss you guys already, see you on the next trip.”

October 21, 2015


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