August 21, 2015

Jared Eberwein: Team Wallace at Mongoose Jam 2015.

“My friend Ben Wallace rides for Mongoose Bikes, for the past few years Mongoose has been putting on this really cool contest that is all about getting a group of your buddies together to battle it out with the other group of buddies each Mongoose rider has selected to be on there team. Riding in three disciplines, Dirt, Park, and Street. Strategically the Mongoose team riders want to pick some friends that can make a combined team that can cover all those basis. If you have a team of with riders that mainly specialize in one aspect each, make sure you get one rider each to cover each discipline in the contest. Also have a team of well rounded riders is another option as well, or if you just want to have fun and pick a group of your everyday riding friends, theres no harm in that either. Everyone is there to have a great time and make some more awesome memories in their lives. With that being said, Ben asked me to be on his team, which consisted of Ben Wallace, Dennis Enarson, Logan Martin, Matt Ray, and myself. Another awesome thing about this contest I didn’t mention above, is that every team gets to have a camper from Woodward West compete for a spot one the team, and also the Jam have been held at Woodward camp locations, this years jam was at Woodward West. Our team was the five of us plus one camper, which his name was Chase Pauza. The camper contest was tuesday, then the first contest for the Mongoose Jam was dirt, from our team, Ben, Logan, and myself rode. I was super stoked how I rode and the energy of everyone there. After the dirt contest, team Wallace was sitting in second. Next day was park, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna ride in it, just because of the level of talented rider with the amazing park finesse haha. Team captain Ben Wallace cracked the whip and made me ride, haha just kidding, he encouraged it obviously, and I’m glad he did. I did more then I had planned on and walked away healthy and satisfied. After the park contest, team Wallace was still sitting in second, it was all down to the street contest, on fir day which was the last day of the jam. Street was broken into 3 sections of the street areas that Woodward West has to offer. Matt, Dennis, and the camper Chase were our three riders that rode for us in street. Dennis wasn’t feeling good so he pulled out of the contest after the first section. It was up to Matt and Chase, Matt came in 2nd for the day, and I believe Chase was somewhere around 11th or 12th. None of us were sure what place we might have ended up in because the street contest was for sure going to mix things up. We thought we might have ended up last, third place at best. They started calling out teams and rewarding them slowly, next thing you knew Team Wallace wasn’t called for third, right away we all looked at each other with excitement and surprise. We were all stoked to get second after the amazing riding that went on in the street contest that day, we thought it might have kicked us back a bit, to our surprise we all got to have an amazing week and walk away with a very much appreciated second place. Thank you Mongoose for putting on such an awesome event, and to Woodward for helping make it happen. Thank you Ben for having me join the awesome experience, great memories to look back on now”

August 21, 2015


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