December 9, 2016

Jared Eberwein: The Life and Times.

“I did my first ever actually only vert shows this month. At the beginning of the month I went up north to Sacramento for BMX Pros Trick Team to perform in two days of vert shows. I don’t ever ride vert but if I’m around the half pipe for a fair or any reason at all, I might have a go here and there. I had enough experience on the vert halfpipe to be able to do a vert show, but damn would my heart races the ENTIRE time I was in on that ramp. I had fun and surprised myself in the end, last air of the last show, on the last day I did an adroit double whip.
Slowly, in November the crazy show schedule calms down to almost no shows at all. Holidays roll in, and with most of the percentage of shows being schools, they definitely get put on hold. My mom brought my son to one of my local shows in her area, love when he’s around me riding, he loves it!
Five Ten, which is my shoe sponsor hosted a blowout sale on all the products because we’re approaching the end of the year. With that, they brought out a ramp and had some of the team rider come out for a fun relaxed BMX demo. I haven’t made it out to the warehouse in Redland, CA in a bit so it was great to get out there and visit with the crew, and not to mention the good times that were had!
Thanksgiving with the family was a huge success, and its always great when my grandparents come out to visit from AZ, and get the to there first and only great grandson, my boy. Hopefully everyone had a great family get together.
Lastly, to round out my November, I drove right into another Harley overhaul project. Doing most of the work myself, with the help and guidance of my father in law. Gonna learn a lot, forget a lot, and mostly get overwhelmed a lot! Oh well, gonna make it happen.”

-Jared Eberwein







December 9, 2016


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