April 23, 2013

Jared Eberwein: The Moonwalk

“I met a guy named Midget Cory about 5 years ago, we met for a show I believe. Once I saw him ride, I learned right away that he had a gnarly one of a kind 360. Which a lot of people know him for, its awesome. I’m not too sure if people know he has quite the dance move on a bike. I’ve only really seen him do it for shows, so I would assume unless you’ve watched him do a show, you might not know. He does the moonwalk on his bike.

He makes it look so awesome and real, and so easy. That’s where a lot of people are wrong, looks easy but is incredibly hard. Ever since I saw him do that, I would always ask him to do it, and I would also give it some tries. Right away I would get discouraged because I couldn’t even balance myself into position. I figured well maybe its easy for “midget” Cory because he’s small guy, so I gave myself a reason not to learn it haha.

About a year ago, our friend Dustin McCarty, who Cory’s rode with for years, was on to something with the moonwalk. I saw him getting close to doing it, I started asking him all kinds of question and pointers on what to do. He was basically doing it, so I told myself, Dustin is pretty much my height, no excuses.

I had a week of fair shows coming up, my goal was to learn the moonwalk while I was out there. Everyday I was out in between shows going at it, getting closer and closer. Finally it started happening for me, I was so pumped. Have to start off with being able to support yourself with a hand on the bars and one on the seat. Once you can hold yourself up and keep your balance, start to mess with turning your body to the side, facing your back to the bars kind of. Get that down, then start moving your feet as if you walking, and BAM! you got sweet dance move.

Here’s my first legit moonwalk about a year ago.”


April 23, 2013


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