October 27, 2015

Jared Eberwein: Third time is a charm.

“I had the pleasure of attending my third year in a row, Raider halftime show. This is the second time that I’ve been there now during the breast cancer awareness month. That means we get to wear the Raider Nation pink shirts, pink is the new black haha. This year was a little different, in the past we’ve done a pre show in the parking lot while all the fan tailgate before the game. That meant we would tow the quarter pipe up with the truck, with the box inside just like a standard show, then use just the box jump for the actual half time show. This time they only wanted us for the half time show, Erick Soto and I were the ones driving the ramp up to Oakland. since we didn’t have to take the quarter. We were stuck on finding a way to fit the 6 piece box jump in the back of a truck, its not too heavy so Erick and myself were able to take care of it. We were however a little unsure it we would be able to make it fit. Somehow we did it be standing every piece up on its side, then remembered we had bike to take with us as well, haha. We ended up to using a tie down for the bike and put them standing up tall on the stacked box jump, they looked as if they were in a roof time was easily cut way short by not having to tow. A couple other different changes that happen to our half time show is, one was that Morgan Wade was flown out from Texas the morning of the show, and also there was two trials riders. It was cool that Morgan got to join in on the fun, I’ve met him a few time, and definitely don’t get to see him often so this was a good time. Also had to take a photo of just the two of us, because since earlier this year when I got added to the Five Ten Shoe company. Morgan and I became team mates, so thats something cool to say. We still performed our show like we’ve done it the past, despite a little bit of hurdles during the extremely quick setup we have just before the show, right when halftime starts. Sharing the show and time with the trials riders a well was awesome, I kept having to remember to ride. Despite running out of breath with every pass, huffing and puffing. I kept wanting to stop and watch the two trials riders just because I don’t ever get to see it, let alone in person. The people who help setup our plywood runway, and bring the box out. Somehow they heard something out of Ericks mouth while announcing that lead them to think the show was over, and to start packing up fast. I was already pedaling at the box while I saw them start to pack up. We all had one last jump of the shows, which was the crowd favorite, the back flip. I saw them move some pieces already but I was like whatever, I’m still going to send a flip, thinking in my head, “they’ll move, don’t worry.” hahaha Once we were all done, we packed up quick and hit the road home, quick one, in and out. Said our goodbyes, got loaded, and the rest is history. Its always a great time, hope to be back for another consecutive year.”

October 27, 2015


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