May 3, 2015

Jared Eberwein: What happens in Vegas….

“Jill Transki is awesome! Amongst her doing 5 or more theme park shows for the summer, all scattered around the U.S. She’s always doing unique shows one way or another, wether it incorporates bmx or not. She works with so much in her shows, she has plenty of options for whatever the situation may be. We just performed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel for a corporate event, there was 6 riders on the ramps. Two bikes, two rollerblades, a scooter, and a skateboard. We rehearsed all one day before Vegas, then refreshed our memory once more. There was a bit of a twist from our rehearsals a couple days prior, the ramp was on a platform above water. We never go off the ramp in our shows, but just knowing you had water on both sides of you was a bit of a head game. A couple people had a little bet on someone going in the water during the performance, one of our rollerbladers almost went in for a dip, but saved it! The whole trip was a blast, love hanging out with my All Wheel Sports family, always feel right at home. It’s absolutely crazy what kind of party that can be put on in only a 3 hour window, but it is VEGAS!!”


May 3, 2015


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