August 6, 2019

Jared Eberwein’s Army.

“My oldest started riding his strider bike around the age of two or maybe a little later than that, but slowly fell in love with it and just wanted to ride it all the time. Then he would get burnt out, as all kids do; they wanna do a hundred different things at all times. We treated my youngest son with the same situation and attention with a strider, once big enough to get the hang of it, Mav (my youngest) didn’t really care to have anything to do with it.

That lasted that way, for what seemed like forever, but maybe not so much. Just recently, like the middle of this year, Mav has started to get the hang of it a little more, and began picking his bike up more often. I can tell he was getting the hang of walking with it, and you could see a difference in him at well. Stoked! By this time my oldest son had already started riding his even bigger bike, its a small Fit complete. Basically like a strider, but with pedals. I was surprised to see how fast he got the hang of it, comfortable fairly quick. Now that they both are interested, we ALL can go ride now. We went to Jurupa skatepark before anyone was around. The boys had the park all to themselves. Having fun, pedaling everywhere, jumping, standing up, doing tricks.

My youngest, not so much, he’s just barely getting the hang of walking pretty controlled now with his bike between his legs. Obviously I brought my bike as well, so that all three of us can ride together and have a good time.”

-Jared Eberwein

August 6, 2019


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