August 27, 2013

Jared Eberwein’s Vancouver Trip

“I went to Vancouver for a week trip for FreeAgent, there is so much we did that I’m sure I’ll forget about something. I had so much fun, the crew was Heath Pinter, TJ Ellis, Andrew Lazaurk, Keith Mulligan, and myself. The trip was based around Vancouver mostly, and a little bit of Whistler. Rode a number of parks, and a couple of amazing trail spots. Thanks a lot to Darren Berrecloth for letting us ride his spot in the woods. I haven’t had the chance to ride a lot of spots that have that real trail feel, in the woods. This was one of my first, amazing, beautiful, and trees everywhere. Weird to think of Vancouver island as an island because its absolutely large. From there, we headed to Ron’s Woodyard in Richmond, pulling up to the house, I would never expect his setup up to be there. Went into his backyard and the yard just kept going and going with tons wood. It was a huge legit wood skatepark, the WoodYard. Lines and craving was endless, we pretty much spent our whole day there. Ron was an awesome host, invited us to enjoy his setup and even gave us a little BBQ, thanks again Ron! From then on our plan was to ride a couple parks on our way up to Whistler mountain for some trails. Were spent most of our day at the parks, so we ran out of light and had to push the trails to the next day. Which I think was great because we had a fresh start to the day, and got to spend the whole day at the RevTrails. Our night before the trails, we kind of got to live like a millionaire. Our buddy Dave Butler is a rider and a damn good carpenter, and gets paid to live, upkeep, and build new things for a guy who has millions! We had the pleasure of staying at the mansion for the night, I was blown away by the place and immediately went crazy with taking photos right away. The house and stories behind a lot of things was nut and hard to believe. The mansion was and awesome experience, and a place to sleep, thanks so much Dave! Woke up, and went the the RevTrails. Endless lines if you wish them to be, wall rides, main lines, roller lines, and so much character. The dudes who take care of that place couldn’t have been any nicer and rad to ride with. Would love to be able to ride that place at any time, but fortunately enough, we were able to ride it at it’s prime of the year. Thanks to everyone for making that place happen and letting us enjoy it with you on our trip. We pretty much headed out the next day, so that was a wrap on some more great memories that I’m so grateful to be apart of and keep.”

August 27, 2013


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