May 17, 2013

Jared’s Big Adventure

“Matt Coplon has been talking about me coming out to Florida for about two years now, finally we were able to pin a date down and make it happen. I’m not sure but I feel like ever since the second grade I can remember always saying I wanted to go to Florida. Haven’t been excited for a plane ride in a while, but I definitely was for this flight. I was told that I wasn’t exactly getting to go at the best time to visit Florida, I didn’t think the weather was too bad, a bit sticky but not bad.

“After I landed, I grabbed my bags, went outside and started to build my bike. Matt had a plan to ride right after he picked me up. We arrived at this awesome backyard ramp, small, tight, and technical. Once you figure it out, then it becomes awesome.

“The next day was a visit to Profile, which was my first. We picked Ricky up in the morning then headed to Profile. It was awesome getting to see everything that Profile does, where and how also. I’m pretty involved with a lot that goes on at Profile, only because Matt always keeps me in the loop of things and teaches me a thing or two. Plus I really enjoy helping out and being involved with as much as I can. It definitely wasn’t what I expected though, I imagined a few office cubicles for the area where everyone takes calls. I learned very quickly almost everything is kind of done all in one area. Makes for a good environment, good vibes, and great times.

“We rode SPOT after we left Profile, it was a great scene there with all the locals. Glad to say that I’ve been to SPOT.

“The next day, Matt goes to work early and gets off early. Mulville arrived at Matt’s place, then we stopped at taco bus one last time then hit the rode to Athens. Long drive, but finally made it with a plan to wake up early and ride this awesome park, SPOA.

“We rode there with a good group of guys, which always makes riding that much more enjoyable. Before we knew it, almost five hours had past. Next on the agenda was a local trail jam, nice hidden trails in the forest. The locals we’re real positive and pumped to have people visit the trails and have all the locals come together for a good time. Had a great time there, thanks to all the locals for letting have fun with them on that day. One thing I still think from that day, I don’t know how Mulville did what he did on those jumps, so good!

“Ended the day after the park and trails with the university, which had way too much to offer and not enough time to enjoy.

“Trans Jam was the next day, awesome event for the whole town to come together and enjoy. Never been to Athens, GA and I’m glad to say that I have now. Really liked that city a lot.

“Our weekend was over now, heading back to Tampa. Of course we made pit stops to ride, Macon was our target to meet up with some locals and ride some street. I’m always blown away on towns that all you have to do is pedal around and just find spot after spot. Macon was an awesome place with endless spots, and we only got to scratch the surface before we got rained out. Definitely need to pay a visit back to that town.

“Next day, woke up early to ride this skatepark in Brunswick, GA. Haven’t been that excited and ready to ride that early in the morning in a while. Pulled up and immediately started riding, feeling good, park was awesome. Then got kicked out, huge upset.

“Stop at this little park in Jacksonville I think, covered in graffiti and creative setups. Had fun there for couple hours.

“Last stop of the trip, none other then the legendary KONA park. The place was huge and amazing, there was SO MUCH. We were there for about three hours, and I think we only rode the snake run section. You can ride that place all week and still not ride everything. Glad to say I got to ride KONA.

“Highlights of my trip: Meeting Master Marmalade, Taco Bus, Profile Warehouse, Meeting Scooter, Matt’s Desk, Sunshine Burger, Athens, The Grit, Learning how to use my iPhone camera, Meeting/Riding with Dillon and Shane Leeper, Brunswick, Macon, and KONA.”

-Jared Eberwein

May 17, 2013


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