January 28, 2014

Jeff K.: Down but not out

Here’s a little update on what’s going on with my wrist.

First thing i’d like to put out there is that INJURIES SUCK!!! But anyways, In September while out in Arizona filming for my new Profile ( edit I fell down some stairs and hit my wrist. It was hurting real bad so I took a few days off, iced it like crazy, wrapped it up, and kept riding. I thought it was just a minor sprain so I chose to go on another 2 week trip from Texas Toast to San Diego. I’m glad I did this trip was a amazing time and spent it with 2 awesome friends. I made it all the to San Diego and while shooting a Ruben wallride at my buddy Wescott’s and Allen’s shop I cased and felt a pop in my wrist… I knew as soon as I landed it, my wrist was done. The next day I bought a flight and returned home to Milwaukee. Over the next two months of dealing with X-rays and MRIs I finally found out what was going on in my wrist, I tore my ligament from my Lunate to my Scaphoid and also fractured my Lunate. For this i need to have surgery on my wrist and reattach the ligament. I finally got into surgery in the 2nd of January. I got about another month in this cast and then have another surgery to remove the pins from my wrist. After that I’ll have physical therapy for while after that. Should be back riding in spring! Can’t wait for that!

With that said this injury has motivated me to work twice as hard on things i can still do. Im in my wood shop almost everyday and trying to get as much done as i can. Working with one and and my wrong hand defiantlysucks but it beats sitting around at home starring at a clock. I also have go back into photo’s and hope to do a few video projects while I’m out, so keep an eye open for that. Thats pretty much my life right now and although id rather be in a nice climate riding bikes everyday… things could be a lot worse! thanks again to profile and all my sponsors for your support through this time! Love all of you guys!

Photos by Nick Steben

January 28, 2014


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