June 21, 2013

Jeff K. in June

Thought I’d send over a little update on what ive been doing over the past 2 months. Ive recently started a art collective type studio with some good friends. Heres a pic of how the place looked when we first moved in.

and this is what it currently looks like with a 301 sign i created…

Its been a lot of hard work by all of us. the space has 4 areas, different spaces. Reclaim Brand Screen Printing run by Dominic Rodriguez and Edson Nieves. A mobile bike powered coffee bar, The Rusty Chain Cafe, run by Cohl Wiesbrook-Peterik. A graffiti/paint space that Jon Bartels runs. And last is my space which is a Woodshop where ill be creating and fixing up furniture. heres a photo of my shop so far.

I got a little more dialing in to make it exactly how i want it, and you never have enough tools but i am pretty happy with everything so far.

Besides that I’ve been riding a cruising here and there with all the homies in MKE. the other day we bombed a bunch of hills that Milwaukee has, SO FUN!

Right after this bomb we stopped at the beach and noticed they added in a landing to this stair set.

So besides all that Ive just been enjoying life, weather in MKE is finally shaping up! Time to go cruise the BMX, Later!

Jeff K.

June 21, 2013


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