March 25, 2016

Jeff K: West Bound.

Just got back from my Cali trip and it was way to good! Good people, good food, good weather, and good vibes! Thanks for all the hospitality, Especially, Grant C, Gina, the CementFace House, Devin Feil, Dan Kruk, BouBou, Alex, Tony Neyer and all the dudes at “Thee Block”, My trip would not have been half as fun with out all of you guys! So thanks.

The trip started out In Long Beach and Riding bikes everyday sun up to sun down! I snapped this picture of Dylan McCauley doing a pegs gap hard 180 in to the street!

So Sick.
Pretty much everyday we would wake up grab a Acai Bowl and some coffee and then decide where and what to ride. You really can’t beat that!after riding with everyone in LBC for a few days I ventured down to SD and met up with some old friends and also rode bikes with My buddy Albert! He snapped this one of me in DT SD.

Only stayed in SD for 2 nights but man the sunsets they have down there are amazing!

After this I headed to Hollywood to hang with Tony Neyer and all the “Thee Block” Guys. If you’re ever in the Hollywood area CHECK OUT THIS SHOP!

The best ride of the trip happened in Hollywood, we pedal/hiked up into the Hollywood hills and bombed it at sunset, such a thrill! Thanks for all the good times again! Can’t wait to be back in Cali Soon!

March 25, 2016


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