February 5, 2016

Jeff Klugiewicz. January. Milwaukee.

Well its winter out here in Milwaukee and I have been riding indoors a good amount. Luckily I have a lot of good friends who still ride bikes! I met up with Luke Mouradian a few times to shoot some photos. This first one is me doing a Toboggan at Rays Bike Park.
The second is from where I spend most of my time 4 Seasons Skatepark, Love that place! If you are ever in the Milwaukee Area Make sure you check out the 4Seasons!
On the 19th of this month I am heading back to Cali! Cant wait to take as much of the sun in as I can! Heres a Throwback to my last Cali trip. I will be updating while I’m out in Cali, follow me on instagram! @jklugiewicz

Jeff K.

Top two photos by Luke Mouradian
Bottom photo by Nick Steben

February 5, 2016


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