August 17, 2015

Jimmy Smith: Missouri to Cali. to Missouri.

I had quite the summer plans laid out a few months ago and I was able to make pretty much all of it happen. Started out at Woodward for a few weeks, which was awesome as always. Then I headed to colorado for a three weeks where the main objective was to work, but I managed to ride just about every day at the seemingly infinite amount of beautiful concrete
parks out there. That was a huge treat. After I stacked some paper there I headed out to LA, taking the scenic route along the way.
Once I was in LA I spent a few days there caught a session at the Full Factory ramps then headed up highway 1 all the way to San Francisco. Stopping to surf and ride wherever looked appealing along the way. I also bought a Tacoma with a camper shell and
and camped in that the entire time, which was super fun. After San Fran I headed up to Tahoe for a day, then Salt Lake City, then Colorado for a few days.That’s definitely an extremely condensed version of the trip but, now After three months and countless miles I’m back in Springfield for the school year.

Taken during what seems to be a very rare F-Bowl session at golden hour
Credit: @gutstains

I shot this on my Film camera after during an after work session. Its always a treat watching
the sun go down over the mountains out there.

This photo was taken a park I had never ridden before near Denver called Wheat Ridge
but as soon I hit this quarter I felt right at home. The thing was amazing, it was pretty mellow
with some subtle pool coping right at the top. I couldn’t get enough of it.
This is a one handed table shot by @dhogan12 on his iPhone.

I was super stoked on this one. Those tire marks you see are at the bottom of the frame
are those of Chase Hawk and Gary Young. I was really pumped to be in the same zone as those
dudes haha. @stephentsmith shot this one from the roof.

These two were shot by my girl friend @aymilli88 at a random mini ramp spotted on
the side of highway 1 just south of San Fransisco. It was only three feet tall and
a bike length wide where I did the T-Bog so that was pretty difficult haha.

These two were shot by my good friend from Colorado @bmxermike who is currently
living in Sacramento the lighting was perfect and whatever you want to call that thing was
super fun and it all lined up for these two photos. ​

August 17, 2015


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