December 5, 2013

Joe West: Super Busy For The Last Long Time…

Heres a brief rundown of whats up.

Most people who know me know I do a ton of shows. I was able to travel so much this year and it was really a phenomenal year! I did shows in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. We also did more International trips than any year in the past. I was able to go to Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua twice and the Philippines for 18 days! We spent a whole week in Cebu which is one of the areas affected by the Typhoon they just had… Luckily, I believe everyone we made relationships with is alright. What most don’t know is that the shows I do are with a ministry. We witnessed a lot of lives changed with the message of hope and love! If you want to know more about what we do I would love to chat! Email me @ [email protected].

I do shows with a guy on a motorcycle. He jumps humans. This one is from Los Mochis, Mexico. He has hit people but never landed on them.

When we were in Nicaragua, we were able to do a show for girls stuck in the sex trade. We worked with a ministry that gets them out of the brothels and helps them understand their worth! This was a girl with us that was able to use her story to inspire them to want more out of life!

Found this red wall in Nicaragua with a bike tagged on it and snapped a pic of my trials bike next to it. This bike is a blast!

Anyone who follows me on Instagram also knows I am very involved with coffee. I have an awesome job that I would never have imagined possible. I developed the passion for coffee about four years ago starting a business with a friend. Fast forward those four years and I do all the training and roast all the coffee for a shop that is very close to multiple locations. We have sold franchise rights in India, Pakistan and Dubai! I will most likely be traveling to all those places in the next six months to install roasters and teach others how to roast coffee. Follow my travels @iamjoewest!

Our skatepark just got a facelift as well and it so refreshing. Jimmy Smith and I have been riding as much as possible there or street and having a blast. Filming little Instagram edits and getting some clips for a project we are working on…

Here is the skatepark before it was finished. We went from a 4′ tall box to a 6′ tall box. Kids are literally confused on how to clear it.

Did shows at Christian camp in Texas a couple weeks this year. They had a mini ramp and it was very fun but small as it gets.

My bike is still stacked with Profile parts. Actually I even have a 24″ thats got Profile Elite Disc hubs and no boss cranks with spline drive.

I shot this photo of Andy Seehausen in Saint Louis. He likes to roll out fakie so this worked perfect. Been really getting into photography in the last couple of years.

Last words would be: Life is short, bicycles are fun even as you get older and always maintain caffeination!


December 5, 2013


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