October 11, 2012

Last day in Tulsa

Last day in Tulsa. Save the best for last I guess. We pedaled a good 13 hours today and the spots kept coming. So much rail insanity went down that words cannot describe nor justify the set ups nor the moves. We did go underground first thing to ride a mini ramp under the city. We could have ended there and the day would have been fulfilling. But things just kept coming. Really excited to have this edit drop. Stay tuned and enjoy the pics.

We’re off to Texas…

Meister: tire slide underground.

Justin cobal. Tour guide. Animal. Mid bail, mid over pocket attempt.

Jeff K.: bar combo on one of many unbelievable spots in Tulsa.

Grant c.: wall to invert.

Coplon: cherry street wall.

October 11, 2012


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