September 11, 2020

Love in a time of Covid with Jared Eberwein.

“Well this summer has been like no other summer, but I think that’s what every person can say about anything for this year of 2020. IT SUCKS!

Just kidding, it’s not completely a bummer, but just like most things for the year, a change of routine I’d say. Not much has changed for me, even now being in summer, still just up to the same stuff; lock down, face mask, pool time at home, playtime with the boys at home, chores at home, trying to have ALL of our fun at HOME. I’m being a little dramatic, we’re still getting out and enjoying our life with what isn’t as easy or convenient as normal, thanks to my wife though. She always figures out plans and trips, etc.
Boys are still getting to go to the zoo, but I think it’s safe to say, it’s not as good as normal for obvious reasons. The beach here and there, to a friends’ house our friends at ours, skateparks in the morning so it’s not too hot. Which we’ve had a pretty hot streak going here for the past month, it’s been a little much for doing things outside during the peak of the heat. I’ve been going to the skatepark at night, still sweating up a good sweat.

Getting to my whole main point of this write up; summer skatepark sessions. It’s something that I’ve learned that I love, the downfall to this summer for the nightly skatepark sessions is, THERE IS NO SESSIONS. Jurupa hasn’t allowed the light to operate since the reopening of the park, since the first closing due to covid.

My summer sessions, although still good, have just been the last hour to hour and a half of daylight, sunset session if you will. Not so cool things about it are, the sun is blinding for a good amount of time until it drops below the trees. Then it’s a REALLY good but a small window before it’s too dark. Or if you’re not ready for the session to be over because it’s too good, the sun won’t wait up. Darkness just creeps in, and we have no light to continue. Not sure when it’s going to change and we get lights back, but I sure hope soon.” 

-Jared Eberwein

September 11, 2020


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