May 3, 2017

Love/Hate with Chad Degroot

Permission is a beautiful thing and a confidence builder. This parking lot or the Church Lot is open arms on Saturdays. Trust me they want us to show up on Sundaybut not on bikes and attend the indoor session. You know…church. So lets just say Saturdays are really sweet, quit, chill, relaxing, and just simply nice. It’s a very long flat surface so rolling tricks or really long rolling tricks are a must. Each parking lot has its own characteristics and style but also feel. The feel here is a love hate. I love long rolling tricks but the surface has hidden pits. And a seam. So the tricks I try are in certain areas.   This day I brought out Brian Stump as he shoots one hell of a photo but also wanted to check it out. Our small crew, most with gray hair, most over 40 years old, riding bmx bikes on a parking lot which took us 20 minutes to drive to get to. Most of these pics below I call warm up tricks. But then then HATE comes in. You have to realize I am 43 and still learning and improving and doing new stuff. Its why I ride. Today was no different but it was a trick my mind had a hard time figuring out. Try and tell your body what your mind thinks can work out. Here are pics of my warm up, my set up, my frustrations, my focus, and my drive. The trick I did pull…but not up to my satisfaction. my body is backwards so I am doing a hang 10 then I sit on my bars and go no footed. Backwards no footed hang 10. Goal is to roll this further and get it filmed. This is why I ride.

Thanks Brian Stump AKA “Stumpy” @brianstump for the pics. -Chad D @chaddegroot

Trying to figure out how to roll backwards while sitting on the handlebars no footed.
The crashes going backwards I got so tangled up and felt like a rag doll.

Warm up pumping this…great feeling trick.
My custom made radio blasting Pandora, water, powerbar, and a towel.
The second you just stare at your bike and think should I continue and can this work?
Here it is…

May 3, 2017


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