March 3, 2015

Lucas Porzio: The man, the myth, the recovery.

Up and out from under my rock. The past 2yrs of my life have just seemed to go way too fast. A few photos here, a few clips there,and always in Tampa. Well, I had an amazing life changing experience and his name is Brecken Nicholas Porzio. He was born healthy as an ox and Ive been on a mission to be the best father i possibly can. So the scene, the industry and for the first time, my bike has been the last thing on my mind and it felt like the only time i rode was to catch up with friends.

Seven months ago i found myself looking down at my leg and it was sitting at a 45 degree angle from the knee down. My first thought was to pop it back in place, so i did. To my surprise it felt okay so i let go…..watching it pop back out of place was a tough one to swallow. I knew i was in some deep shit. So i popped my leg back in place for the second time and patiently sat waiting for my escort to the hospital.

I had just barely moved to florida and this is how i find myself the first week Im in ST.Pete. Seven days in the hospital and shitty food which i could hardly eat due to the amount of drugs they had me on. The feeling of my leg popping out for a third time after my MRI had to be the most brutal thing i have ever felt. With no adrenaline pumping it was probably the most stomach turning thing i have ever experienced. Waking up the following morning with my pins and rod was a huge reality check of how this is going to work, and with no set date of removing it my life was just kind of on hold.

First diagnosis: Shattered the top of my tibea plateau, tore my PCL, LCL and ruptured the ACL, tore the meniscus where it roots to the knee and tore something else (but i forgot). So i had a plate and 6 screws put in to hold my rebuilt knee joint and four 6mm pins drilled through my leg attached by a rod. Nine weeks later im getting my rod and pins pulled while im awake and my surgeon is telling me ill never ride a bike again, may never walk again and will never see my knee go past 90 degrees again. With being told such rash things and them not really having a definite answer i came back to arizona to find the surgeon that did the acl on my left leg.

Going into my 3rd surgery i was excited for the fact that things were moving forward, but a bit bummed that it wasnt for the ligament repair but to pull the plate, 6 screws and scope all the scare tissue. When i woke up from surgery i was greeted with the news i would be needing an ACL and LCL. Feeling like shit from surgery it was really the last thing on my mind and knowing it was in my future anyways i just kinda took it as, it is what it is. Two weeks later while getting my stitches removed at my follow up, i received news that my knee was way better than what the first MRI showed and what every surgeon was telling me. Being told for 6 months that you’re probably going to need a knee replacement and then out of nowhere everything is ok, besides maybe the transverse ligament. Its a tough one to tell your brain and body that nothing is wrong after 6 months of it being completely blown out

Four weeks later and Im now being told that it might be my MCL and that because of how fast arthritis is setting in, which is visible on the x-ray and comparable to my left knee, that it will be better to wait a year or so to even go back under the knife. Because of the amount of time my leg was bolted together and time it was unusable, Im looking at about year of physical therapy. I would love to sit here and say that coming back from an injury is 90% mental and 10% how far you as a person are willing to push yourself. We all know that theres truth to that, but also a realistic side of what your body is now capable of after such an injury…

I know they pop up a lot lately for all sorts of reasons… But after 7months of being broke off and unable to work i did what i had to do. A gofundme to get some of these medical bills out of the way, knee brace and back to florida. Even a share is greatly appreciated.

Here’s to a long road to recovery… Cheers

meet my son Brecken Porzio… little dude is my hero and makes my world go round.

passing time while hunting out those hidden gems…

March 3, 2015


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