March 22, 2017

Mark Mulville: Another one for the books

Another one for the books. Florida never seizes to amaze me!

March has been a pretty epic month so far. With some amazing bmx sessions, surf sessions, hikes, kayaking, and crazy wildlife sightings. I went out to Ocala, Florida recently for the Fat Tire Fest at Santos, which was amazing, but the best part of the adventure was what happen just before we got there…
My woman and I arrived to the Ocala area early, so we can get some kayaking done, and maybe find some alligators and such. While we did spot lots of gators, we also came across the infamous Wild Monkeys of silver springs, which I have been searching for most my life! It was pretty damn epic to say the least.
We chilled with the monkeys for a while, just amazed to see these things right there in front of us, right here in Florida! Once we finally left the woods and river, we stopped at this amazing brick hip for literally a 2 minute hit and run session. Just enough to get a few pops in before getting the boot.

The adventures didn’t stop though, Besides the monkeys, hips and dirt of Ocala. My long time pal, Jeff Hunnicutt decided, he and some folks were gonna build a bmx haven! I missed out on the initial building, but was able to make it out a bit to help out on the trails, patching some and helping finish a little. Needless to say, this place is amazing, and the host of the Florideah Swamp Fest!

Throw in the FLbmx contest stop, fun surf,and more wildlife sighting, and that’s how I spent my month of March.

Thanks to Profile and everyone involved in making this such a great time.

-Mark Mulville

March 22, 2017


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